4th doctor

Embark on a thrilling journey through time and space with the 4th Doctor. Explore the most iconic moments and unforgettable adventures of this beloved Doctor Who character.
Making My 4th Doctor Costume: Getting my ducks in a row>>another very good reference picture from the same site Doctor Who, Retro, Time Lords, The Row, Classic Doctor Who, Toms, Coat, Doctor Who Tv, Dr Who Tom Baker

You’d have hopefully seen my completed Fourth Doctor costume. One thing which finishes of the ensemble and is the icing on the cake are my set of flying duck brooches! They are something I have always associated with the coat, but now I look back over photographs and episodes they only appeared in one adventure, The Power Of Kroll. I’ve been looking around for a decent set, and along the way have picked up some suitable candidates. Here’s what I found. This was the first set I found, and…

Shay E. S.