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Explore a collection of mesmerizing 3D figures that will ignite your creativity and add depth to your artistic projects. Discover how these lifelike sculptures can transform your designs.
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This is a personal project I made based on my beautiful partner Heloisa and our kitten (Theo). We recently adopted him, he is only 5 months old, he served as an inspiration for me to explore something from everyday life in my art and escape a little from the things I usually do. I made the concept (a small doodle) and then sculpted it in 3D (ZBrush), after that I decided to go ahead and print it in 3D, the impression was made in resin, in a Mono X 4K (maximum resolution). Then I did the…

liu peng
toyhaven: Check out S.H. Figuarts Gray Man DX Set which is designed for artists in mind: what a figure it is! Croquis, Manga, Action, 3d Pose Model, 3d Pose, Figure Poses, Body Reference Poses, Figure Drawing Models, Male Figure Drawing

I think it's very cool when an action figure can do almost everything a human can because when that happens, realistic poses can be achieved. Also, if one is an aspiring artist or someone who is just interested in the human form and its anatomy, super pose-able action figures will give one the inspiration to observe a figure from different angles and get the best perspective when it comes to drawing or photographing the subject matter. That is one of the reasons why I got into this 1:6 scale…

Sigfrancis Abyss