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Relive the golden era of television with these iconic 1990s TV shows. From sitcoms to dramas, explore the best shows that will transport you to a bygone era of entertainment.
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If you spent any quality time with your TV in the late ‘80s and early '90s, then it’s likely you got to know the loud and lovable Conners on “Roseanne.” Now, prepare to feel old, because the classic sitcom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its debut Friday. Based on the real life experiences of creator Matt Williams and the “domestic goddess” stand-up comedy routines of its lead,

Bek McKinnon
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1994 - 2001 | 10 seasons | 236 episodes Love it or hate it, there probably aren't any other sitcoms that left such a huge cultural impact as Friends. From giving us 'The Rachel' - a haircut inspired by Aniston's hairstyle and wanted by millions of girls worldwide, to expanding the vocabulary of Western English slang and helping people learn the English language. Seriously, though, a 2012 poll by Kaplan International English Colleges revealed that 26% of students cited Friends as the best…