1950s makeup

Step back in time with these 1950s makeup ideas. Achieve the classic Hollywood look with winged eyeliner, bold red lips, and flawless complexion. Explore our top tips to recreate the iconic beauty of the 1950s.
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With the American baby boom and a significant number of women joining the professional workforce in the 1950s, wealth grew, and with it, the need to keep up with a moving and growing society. The 1950s makeup cosmetic industry exploded with mega brand names elbowing out the smaller brands who started the business a few

Lauren Harmon
The 'Marilyn Monroe' Retro Look via www.voutecontar.net

To look wide-awake and instantly gorgeous, apply sparkly white eyeshadow that’s perfect for your skin tone. The best shade to use is a silvery-white, I also love white eyeshadow because it has a Marilyn effect paired with black liquid liner. Here are my favorite white eyeshadows:

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