18th century stomacher

Step back in time and discover the exquisite beauty of 18th century stomacher fashion. Uncover the secrets of this iconic accessory and find inspiration for your next historical costume project.
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Greetings fellow sewists! My name is Sarah and I am a historical costumer and maker of floofy things. I specialize in hand sewing 18th-century gowns using period-appropriate techniques, and you can find examples of these gowns and other costumes that I have sewn on my page @sewlateadoe For those of you who may be…

Rosío Romero
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18th century French style authentically looking stomacher, historical free style recreation of late Baroque, early Rococo circa 1735. Ladies size Petite Small. Dimensions: 11” length x 8.25” width (excluding tabs) This is an opulent floral hand embroidery with cotton, silky satin, and metallic threads. The price reflects not only the immaculate detail but also the countless hours of embroidery I spent on this piece of historical costume. Please zoom in on the pictures to see all the…