Искусство рисования мелом на тротуарах

Откройте для себя топ идеи и вдохновение для искусства рисования мелом на тротуарах. Создайте уникальные и красочные произведения искусства, которые оживят городскую среду.
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22 Totally Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

These sidewalk chalk ideas are so awesome! Seriously, some people so creative!? There are so many fun ideas and so many great photo opportunities! I wish we had an asphalt driveway so we could try more of these out at home! Do you get a mental block when you have a blank canvas in front of you? And your kids are saying, 'Draw something! Draw something!' - I usually end up drawing a flower, or sometimes a rainbow, but then I'm stumped. I feel the same way with a giant blank driveway and…

Delaney Villeme