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Planter, great DIY idea.

For my herb garden. This one doesn't show you how to do it but looks like a good project to start! It's also great for a tiny patio or yard. Looks like the pots might be too small though. so, build frame bigger according to pot size preferred.

DIY solar lights. No instructions.         Drill a hole, insert the lights, and stack the four (or six or ten) 4 x 4s side by side.

DIY Outdoor Solar Light Display : 2 fence posts + 4 solar outdoor lights + 8 extra long screws + an long scrap of treated x wood. great idea for the deck or patio! Would probably use nicer solar lights!

DIY inspo: watering can fountain

Watering Can Waterfall Fountain. Just need an outdoor pump, some tubing, and watering cans. this is the basic idea of filtering water through drums to save

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Potting Bench, build your own

Ronny is telling you:'DIY Potting Bench. I would have to make it a little bit bigger and put a sink in it so when I pot plants all the soil goes down through the hole and into a bucket.

PVC cucumber trellis. This is definately going to be in my back yard

Wanna stay cool as a cucumber in the hot Texas summer? Make a PVC cucumber trellis to provide shade for you and your plants.

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Use rocks to separate two areas, then bury rope lights in the rocks for lighting. on January 2013 in Home Decor 3 Advertisement Use rocks to separate the grass from the deck, then bury rope lights in the rocks for lighting