A simple crocheted rectangle can be transformed into a stylish shrug. I have lace weight yarn I need to experiment with.

Умелые ручки

i think you could make this with tunisian. when it gets the the split, you could keep working half the stitches until both halves are long enough and then start stitching across the entire piece again at the other end.

poncho con mangas

Weekend Swoncho - Love of Knitting Fall 2012 - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写 I like it but dear cthulu does it have to be garter and that 12 inch neck opening is just begging for the thing to drop to my waist. Still, I may knit it.

Easy Knit Sweater -- 3 rectangles. Size 10 needles. 47 stitches for all pieces. Longer in the back. Crochet hook seam.

Easy Jumper - this knitted sweater is made of three rectangular pieces - Knitting Journal

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I would wear this every day in my Norwegian cabin while knitting by the fire.