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an image of a man doing squat exercises
It's the ultimate challenge for lower body strength (because it's all about depth and drive for growth), but it's also a test of balance and coordination. Get your squat form spot-on before you load up that bar. Stability before strength. It's intense, demanding a recovery time that's just as serious. Some folks skip this step. And that's when they: - overdo it - take a nasty tumble - see zero gains Squats should be done with care, 1-3 times a week for the best boost.
a man doing push up with the words push up above him
Complete Calisthenics Skills List
an iron cross man with two hands on each side and the words iron cross above it
Complete Calisthenics Skills List
Chin Ups or Pull Ups: How to Choose the Best Upper Body Exercise – Gravgear Upper Body Exercise, Pull Up Workout, Workout Program Gym, Latissimus Dorsi, Full Body Workout Routine, Fitness Goal, Body Exercise, Training Motivation
Chin Ups or Pull Ups: How to Choose the Best Upper Body Exercise
Chin Ups or Pull Ups: How to Choose the Best Upper Body Exercise – Gravgear
the diagram shows how to use ring support hold for strong arms and back muscles, as well as proper exercises
Ring Support Hold
an illustrated guide to the best time between sets for bodybuilding and crossfit
Rest Time Between Sets
Rest time for these 3 goals are overlapping (as opposed to what people would normally think). ★ Get Bigger: Don't rest over 90 seconds ★ Get Stronger: Rest longer to train fresh the next set ★ Last longer: Rest as long as you can #gravgear #weightedvest #weightedworkout #workouttips #workoutmotivation #workoutideas #fitnesstips #singaporefitness #fitnessmalaysia #calisthenicsworkout #calisthenicstraining #calisthenicsmotivation #fitnessinspiration #pullup #pulluptraining #handstand #lsit
a poster showing how to squat and stand taller
Squat deeper, Stand taller
Low squats equal high gains. Don’t cheat yourself out of the deep stuff. It’s not about how many, but how well. A deep squat isn't just a move, it's a mood. Own it, and watch your strength hit new levels.
an image of a man that is in front of the words negative reps positive gain
Negative reps for positive gain
a poster with the words, want to get rock solid abs?
Get Rock Solid Abs
Statistically (according to our IG research), it seems we will at least have 6 packs tho. Share this with friends who are trying to unlock their 8 (or 10) packs. #gravgear #fitnesstips #calisthenicstips #buildmuscles #training #workouttips #workoutmotivation #workoutideas #fitnesstips #calisthenicsworkout #calisthenicstraining #calisthenicsmotivation #fitnessinspiration #workoutplan
an image of a man doing planks and sit - up exercises with the word plank below it
Do Plank, Not Sit-Up
🔔 Stop doing sit-up already if you are looking for real core strength. Plank is classic isometric core exercise that triggers every part of your abdominal muscles. Just because it looks boring doesn't mean it is easy. You'll be trembling like a leaf if you hold long enough. Side plank are equally awesome too. #gravgear #weightvest #weightedvest #sgsports #sgfitclub #johorcalisthenics #streetworkoutmalaysia #barselatan #sgworkout #singaporefitness #fitnessmalaysia #fitmalaysia
a man is holding a barbell with the words, master the fundamental
Master the Fundamental
⭐ Don't be the guy who think he dominate the gravity once he can perform something for one or two reps, then forever trying to unlock the next shiny skills because he is actually far away from the progression. Stick to the basics. You should be able to perform the previous progression moves with high reps or long period.
a poster with instructions on how to use the push up bar for bench presss
Perfect pecs with parallettes
Aim for outstanding pecs? Consider push-ups on parallettes! Their versatility assists in toning your chest for that ultimate chiseled appearance. Which variant is your top pick?