Artist Rachel Dien Creates Delicate Fossils From Flowers

UK artist Rachel Dein’s method of plaster casting captures everyday objects in a unique and delicate way. She makes impressions in wet clay, and then pours plaster directly over them. The clay captures.


одноклассники I like the three-dimensionality of this piece of art.

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"Пава" - Скульптура и лепка - Лепные панно и барельефы

"Пава" - Скульптура и лепка - Лепные панно и барельефы

Гипсовая аппликация на стене. Мастер-класс | Варварушка-Рукодельница

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This really satisfies my love of victorian and tudor type interiors. Also I bet you could do this with cob.