Le goutte à goutte solaire est un système d’arrosage très efficace, simple et économique qui peut aider des millions d’agriculteurs dans le monde à obtenir une augmentation de leur production tout en utilisant jusqu’à 10 fois moins d’eau.

The solar drip irrigation system is a very effective , simple and economical that can help millions of farmers worldwide to achieve an increase in production while using up to 10 times less water.

Start seeds in 2 liter bottles. Totally cool!    Science Saturday «. Perfect for in a classroom also!

Science Saturday

How To Make Self-watering Seed Starter Pots. We are excited to share with you this recycling project. It is truly green and fun. You do not only recycle those plastic water bottles, but also make self-watering seed starter pots for you to start your herb

Making a sub-irrigated planter from a two-liter bottle. I've been preaching how to do this, for a few years now. They really do make for healthier, more vigorous growing plants.

How to make a Sub-Irrigated Planter. I'm not sure I would use a two liter plastic bottle though. Over time I would fear the plastic breaking down enough to poison the plant. Perhaps a wine bottle instead.

James Bryan had a bright idea that resulted in something brilliant... #Tomatoes #gardening #organic

One Man’s Genius Idea To Grow Tomatoes

Drill holes in 5 gallon trash bin and bury. Plant tomatoes around it within cage. Fill bin with compost and fill with water every two days.

Простой способ саморегулируемого полива при помощи пластиковых бутылок | vparnike.ru

Для дома и дачи

I am concerned about the plastic and transferring into the soil, roots and fruit of plant. possibly beer bottles covered with wine bottles.

Система капельного полива своими руками.   :)

Дачные идеи

Система капельного полива своими руками. :)

Тайны выращивания помидор.


Easy Inexpensive Chicken Coops | still we have hope we bought some cheapo plastic laundry baskets from ...

Building a Chicken Coop - 5 gallon bucket chicken nesting box - another great repurposing idea! Building a chicken coop does not have to be tricky nor does it have to set you back a ton of scratch.

Чем подкормить рассаду помидор чтобы были толстенькие: народными средствами

Чем подкормить рассаду помидор чтобы были толстенькие: народными средствами

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This week's Science Saturday project is about water and is from Seattle. Anne, a Seattle mother of three, shares her pi.