Preschool Alphabet Activities

Learning the alphabet is a big step for preschool and kindergarten aged children. Help them learn with these preschool alphabet activities. Letter recognition…
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the cover of learning with sports's 43 ideas
Sports Themed Learning Games! - How Wee Learn
Do you have a child who loves baseball? Hockey? Soccer? Football? Harness the power of play to teach your shorts-loving child all sorts of academic skills! From counting to letters to reading!
a table topped with lots of writing and paper on top of it, next to a cup
The Everything Preschool Bundle!
Preschool at Home! Give your preschooler the very best start with only 20 minutes of play a day! Through play-based learning and activities created by a specialist teacher turned homeschooling Mama, you can rest assured knowing your preschooler is getting every foundational skill he or she needs. The most solid foundation for their future - all through 20 minutes of play a day!
a child playing with a toy car on the floor in front of a maze game for learning letters
An A-maze-ing Learning Letters Game! - How Wee Learn
This is such a fun way to practice letters and sounds with children who love trucks, cars, and diggers! Make a maze on the ground using painters tape, grab a timer (if your child is competitive) and you have everything you need!
a young child sitting in front of a fireplace with balloons on it and the words learning letters
Swat the ABC Balloons - How Wee Learn
Practice the ABCs with balloons! This is a great gross motor way to practice the alphabet for kids who like to move!
the learning to read fun letter games with free printables for kids and adults
Letter Games with Free Printable Cards - How Wee Learn
Learning to read has never been more fun or easy! This process works, plain and simple, and takes children from the ABCs all the way to reading sentences!
Crazy fun ways to teach summer reading! - How Wee Learn
Learning to read is FUN when you harness the power of play. These are great ways to practice reading skills this summer, all through play-based learning.
the front cover of practice writing with sand and water, featuring a leaf on it
Fun Ways to Practice Writing Letters - How Wee Learn
Add a bit of water to sand and it becomes moldable! This is a great sensory rich way for children to build and form letters, practicing their ABCs this summer!
an advertisement for the protean order to introduce letters, including capital and numerals
Teaching Letter Recognition - what order to introduce letters - How Wee Learn
Find out why and exactly how in this blog post! Written by a teacher and Reading Specialist and using the power of The Science of Reading you will KNOW that this will work for teaching your child their letters and sounds.
two children are playing with letters in the dirt and some leaves, while one child is holding
Reading Activities: Name in a Jar - How Wee Learn
The best place to begin with teaching children letters is with their name letters! This fun alphabet activity is the perfect one to get you started, plus some awesome tips for exactly how to teach letters and sounds to kids.
Such a fun way to practice the alphabet with preschoolers! Write them on popsicle sticks and make little Bandaid tunnels! Matching Uppercase And Lowercase Letters, Letter Activity, Letter Sort, Alphabet Matching, Subtraction Facts
A Bandaid Letter Sort!
Such a fun way to practice the alphabet with preschoolers! Write them on popsicle sticks and make little Bandaid tunnels!
the front cover of an alphabet activity book for preschoolers
Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers: No Pencil Required! - How Wee Learn
Practice those ABCs! Here are fun, playful, and hands-on ways to practice the Alphabet with your preschooler.
printable rhying cards with pictures of animals and birds on them for kids to learn
From Rhyming to Reading!
These free printable rhyming cards are so cute and such a great first step to teach your child to read. Did you know that rhyming is one of the 7 pre-reading skills children need?
Awesome Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers - How Wee Learn
40 hands on and playful ways to teach the alphabet to your preschooler!
the cover of this scavenger hunt rocks play with modifications for different ages and stages
A Rock-in' Scavenger Hunt
Such an easy scavenger hunt to set up for the kids this summer and FULL of alphabet learning, too!