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When you just got to school and its the ass crack of dawn and bitches screaming and your just trying to play it cool

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oh that's nice of breaking my heart with all this sadstuck ;

<보기만 해도 배부른 이유> 무릎에 턱을 괴고 앉아 맞은편의 숙인 머리통을 바라보는 건 내가 하고 있는 사랑을 보는 것 같았다. 어떤 평을 바라는 것조차 없이, 그저 땀을 흘리며 그걸 열심히 삼켜내는 모습에 나는 가만히 배가 부르던. 전체 글은 그라폴리오에서 보아주세요. #art#artwork#illustration#drawing#painting#kitchen#일러스트

From sharing a meal to just being in your guy’s arms - love is all about sharing little moments of happiness together. Hyocheon Jeong, a Korean artist captured these sweet moments of love to create adorable and meaningful artworks.

Anime food fanpage, I do not own any of these images - all credit goes to the amazing production & animation teams of the all anime series & movies.