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a piece of wood with crayons on it sitting on top of a table
How Unique Storage Solutions Reinvented My Atelier - Wunderled
a wooden structure made out of pallet wood on the ground next to a fence
Speelhuisjes voor iedereen!
De leukste speelhuisjes voor buiten | Praxis Blog
a wooden pallet with pots and pans attached to the side, holding utensils
Toddler Pallet Music Wall DIY
Toddler Pallet Music Wall DIY | Kooky Kronks
a wooden stump with crayons in it and a sign that says, expomations for the month club
Crayon cup holder ≈≈ I really, really, really, want these!!! Volunteers to make them for me?
several pieces of wood are arranged in the shape of letters and numbers on a wall
She Took A Fallen Tree And Used It In 20 Different Incredible Ideas
ABC and number magnets out of wood rounds - I can make these!
several baskets filled with different types of plants and rocks on top of a wooden shelf
Image result for nature classroom decorations
a young boy sitting at a table with several pieces of wood cut in half to look like tree trunks
Blog – Lindsay Stephenson - designer of beautiful things
These would be so cute in a camp themed room! The link to the blog on how to create them is: http://lindsaystephenson.com/blog/2013/09/wood-slices-sanders-html/