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an open book with some watercolors on top of it next to a brush and palette
Handmade Watercolor - Titanium Gray - Opaque Watercolor - for Painting, Calligraphy, and Lettering
Titanium Grey (natural earth pigment) - cool opaque color. Specs: Lightfastness: High Granulation: Medium Staining: No Transparency: No Pigment: PW6:1 Personal Painting Experience: Titanium Grey is a versatile color that can be used for small highlights or for adding opacity to all other colors for a gouache-like looking painting. Available in half and full pans. Made in a small batch with a use of natural and organic materials. The pigment is combined with organic gum arabic, organic honey, org
an image of some rocks in the water with text that reads learn how to draw rocks with markers
How to Draw Rocks with Markers
tutorial is on my Youtube. #markersketch #markertutorial #landscapesketch #architecturesketch #drawingtutorial #sketch
an image of some plants and rocks in different stages of growing from the ground to the top
an artistic painting of water flowing over wooden logs in the jungle with green leaves surrounding it