Девушка в костюме хозяйки медной горы, духа уральских гор.

The Mistress of the Copper Mountain - Is a legendary creature from Slavic mythology and a Russian fairy tale character, the mountain spirit from the legends of the Ural miners and the Mistress of the Ural Mountains of Russia

A bride and a groom in the old Russian style. #weddings

A bride and a groom in the old Russian style. I absolutely love the colors and the style of this dress

Проект "Листи на фронт. Очі війни", автор Іван Кравчишин, стиліст Домна Дика. Дружини, матері і сестри у фотосесії для бійців АТО Ukrainian Beauty etno.  A fotoproekt is "letters on front. War eyes". Wives, mothers and sisters of the Ukrainian warriors, which protect Europe from Kremlin aggression on East of Ukraine.

Beautiful take on a traditional Ukrainian women's costume in blue and purple.

Роскошь из Первоуральска: дизайнер-самоучка возвращает моду на кокошники, бисер и бахрому

I can't find the right word to describe this classy Russian look but this is definitely some proper Russian traditional glam.