Merlin - Eric Carl

Merlin is a modular synthesis environment for the iPad, allowing artists to create sounds with a visual, node-based patching interface. These are mockup screenshots as a proof of concept, so you won't find this in the App Store—but maybe s.

Redesign envato marketplace by Patrick Offczorz, via Behance

Redesign envato marketplace by Patrick Offczorz, via Behance

FM Space - Eric Carl

FM Space is an instrument for the iPad combining a large XY area with a robust FM synthesis engine. Four adjustable parameters and envelope control allow for simple.

Cycles - Eric Carl

Cycles is a step sequencer concept for crafting complex and experimental percussion patterns. Cycles uses a combination of user-defined step sequencing with.


A random, quick-cheat musical interface for intelligent freestyle musicians!

Heroku | log2viz: Logs as Data for Performance Visibility

** THIS FEATURE IS NOW DEFUNCT ** If you’re building a customer-facing web app or mobile back-end, performance is a critical part of user experience.