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Вязание спицами

I can't read Russian but it's actually okay because knitting charts are universal and I can read those!


Chrissie Springer: Taki-Tunika (Ruth-Kindla-Modell) mit Alize Diva Wolle, Nd 4

knit colorwork snow scene http://www.pinterest.com/source/liveinternet.ru/

шапочка с зимним узором Snowy village hat and chart,at the bottom of a page of fun Christmas charts,probably cross-stitch so will stretch vertically when knitted.

Ананас спицами!: Дневник группы "Вязание спицами" - Страна Мам

узоры спицами

no pattern but looks like garter stitch with feather and fan and Yarn-Over Cable Pattern (from “A Treasury of Knitting Patterns” by Barbara G. Walker), worked in the round for a multiple of 5 stitches. Round 1: sl1, k2, psso the 2 k sts, p2 Round 2: k1, yo, k1, p2 Round 3 and 4: k3, p2

hand knitted Poncho/ capelet in wheat by MaxMelody on Etsy (knit a little longer. dress, or even a caftan)

Кофточка спицами ажурным узором с бусинами.



Knit Ponchos Free Patterns

Free knitting pattern for Lacy Waves Poncho capelet by Sue Childress tba Woman's small (medium, large)

knit and crochet                                                      Oh my, this is beautiful.

How beautiful is this? [Knitted/crocheted dress by Jean Paul Gaultier] Ms. Von Teese needs to hunt her friend Jean Paul Gaultier down and make him give her this sweater.

Diario Tanya_Odessa: liveinternet - Servizi Russo diari on-line

Margine frumoasa Beautiful pattern but it's in Russian. Does anyone know how I could get this translated into English?

Colette Cardigan Knitting Pattern -PDF

White Lies Designs knitting patterns at Sarah's Yarns, Colette Cardigan by White Lies Designs