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So, I probably wont be having a free-range chicken garden any time soon, but doesnt this book/that garden look AWESOME?

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Pigs as Smart as Dogs? FILE - Anastasia, a young farm pig, walks around her yard after being vaccinated and micro-chipped at the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna, Ohio on Monday, April


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Raising Chickens: Raising Chickens At Home Is the Safe Method For Fresh Daily Eggs


Don't expect a gallery of human chicks in hats, because this post is going to be about actual chicks in hats. You know, baby chickens. If you've seen chick.

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Supermarkets are putting price wars before controlling a deadly chicken bug, poultry expert warns


Greeting Card Chick in Newsboy Hat Folded Photo Note Card With Envelope


Chicks in Hats is one of those photo projects that will bring a huge smile to your face! There is something inherently funny about animals wearing people's clothing. Maine-based artist Julie Persons created this series simply because she says.


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