Anti-Alcoholic Posters

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Don't be in the captivity of a nasty habit

vintage everyday: Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters from

Alcohol — enemy of mind

Alcohol — enemy of mind


Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, Hospital bills paid by Government, I love my country!

Stop drunkenness

Russias Prohibition Era The Tsars 11 Year Alcohol Ban Lazer Horse

We shall overcome drunkeness

vintage everyday: 21 Interesting and Funny Anti-Alcohol Posters in the Soviet Union

Don't be in the captivity of a nasty habit

Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, He drinks so much, he must have a holllow leg.

It's not yet too late — Stop

Russian poster inspired by the Golconda painting (Magritte).

Profiteer is a worst enemy

Vintage Anti-alcohol Posters from Soviet Propaganda Era - wave avenue

Alcohol — enemy of mind

These Soviet anti-alcohol posters offer a lurid view of communist history

Juice Natural

"This new dress becomes me well" - The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters

Socially dangerous

Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, Alcohol makes comrade a brilliant conversationalist!