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a brick building with an open door and windows
Completed oak porch. By rjheathcote.co.uk
an old stone building with a wooden door and window on the front entrance to it
from little acorns.........
Green Oak
the front entrance to a house lit up at night with lights on and potted plants outside
New Country Living
Fantastic entry! now just make it so you can cover that up when it storms and its like a perfect little shelter to watch the rain! would want it to be bigger with more space though.
a house with a wooden front door and windows
Border Oak Cottage : Porch
there is a long wooden bridge being built
Large structural oak ridge board, on a traditional hand cut oak roof. By rjheathcote.co.uk
a house that has some plants in front of it
Award Winning Bespoke Oak Buildings
Border Oak - Oak Framed Halfpenny Cottage.