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a text message that reads, so you think horse riding is not a sport?
Do NOT say that horse back riding isn't a sport IT IS!
a tweet with the caption that reads, the riding bible most people would run away when a 120lb beast ran at them but equestrians swing their lead ropes
a woman wearing a cowboy hat with the caption when people say horseback riding isn't a sport
this is what i look like when some one says that , love all the preppy cowgirls
a woman is walking down an alley way with luggage in her hand and the caption says, you can dress like a country girl but can you work like one?
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two men sitting in the drivers seat of a car, one pointing at another man
Country units of measurement: Next door= 1-2 minutes Right up the road= 5-10 minutes A couple miles= 10-20 minutes Not too far= 20-50 minutes A little ways= over an hour A pretty good drive= 2 hours - iFunny
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there is a horse that is running in the field with words on it saying thunder is the sound of hoofbeats in heaven
Home of Steve Halfpenny
a woman kneeling down next to a brown horse near a trailer with a poem written on it
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Funny Farm
a horse's face with the words it isn't about how many ribbons you win or how much money you make life's about doing something you love and never giving up
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