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there is a plant hanging on the wall next to some hooks and ropes with plants in them
Atearth Macrame Plant Hanger & Mount - Simple Modern Macrame & Wooden Bracket Wa
atEarth Macrame Plant Hanger & Mount - Simple Modern Macrame & Wooden Bracket Wall Hook & Flower Pot Holder Kit, Wood Bracket Plant Stand & Hanging Planter Basket Indoor Handmade Cotton Rope Free & Fast 3 day 【Utility With A Unique Design】 Now you can mount your live house plants virtually anywhere in a modern & elegant style with our bohemian style flower pot mounting kit. Great for small and medium planters. We change an ordinary house plant into a natural aesthetic in your home. (pot not inc
a living room filled with lots of plants on top of shelves next to a fire place
Plant Wall Shelf Ideas {Plant Display Tips!} – Love & Renovations
a bed with three framed pictures hanging on the wall above it, along with two pillows
Barn Wood - Appearance Boards - The Home Depot
Refresh your bedroom space with a relaxing, nature-inspired accent wall. Use a light material like beachwood to create this casual cottage look. A beachwood accent wall will create the perfect place to unwind and de-stress. We partnered with blogger Corey Decker to create this space. Click to shop beachwood appearance boards.
Get inspired! Valspar's 2023 Colors of the Year!
"Inspired by nature, each of our Colors of the Year were carefully curated by our color experts to bring you a collection that’s trending, yet timeless."
a gray house with black roof and white trim on the front porch is surrounded by trees and bushes
17 Chic ways to add olive green into your decor scheme
three wooden shelves with books and vases on them against a white wall next to a potted plant
Set of 3 Brown Wall Shelves
My Set of 3 Wall Shelves is a sleek, low profile design of the wooden ledges that make the perfect platform for decorating in your beautiful home. The dark brown finish on the wood material completes the minimalist look of this wall shelf. Thick metal frames in black finish hold the structure steady and can be easily mounted using a built-in screw hole at the back of the metal frame. Fasten this piece to any wall of your modern or minimalist style living space and start re-organizing your things