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A Peri, a winged celestial creature, a popular subjects in Ottoman and Persian art of the time.  This composition typifies a distinct style of Ottoman drawing that combines sweeping, calligraphic lines with soft, feathery strokes, as is evident in the minute designs on the figure’s robe, cup, and bottle and light washes. Shah Quli.  Prob. Istanbul, Turkey, mid-16th C.

Kneeling Angel with Cup and Bottle Shah Quli. Probably Istanbul, Turkey, century “Referred to as peri winged celestial creatures are among some of the most popular subjects in.

A Girl Carrying a Basket on her head early 18th century Mughal dynasty

A Girl Carrying a Basket on her head early century Mughal dynasty Ink, slight color, and gold on paper H: W: cm India Gift of Charles Lang Freer

Dancing girls, India, 12th century AH / 18th CE [Walters Ms. W.710]

les-sources-du-nil: “ Painting which represents a mixture of Mughal and Rajput styles, depicts two Indian girls dancing. It is attributable to the twelfth century AH / eighteenth CE.