Sauna plans, kits, controls and accressories. Build your own home sauna

Need sauna plans to make your sauna project perfect? Design your own floor plan, or order one of the many sauna models and floor plans available through The Sauna Depot.

Fish Tank (FT) warm water, gravity flow to Grow Beds (GB)

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Low EMF Infrared Sauna - Advantages & Available Models

58 mm near-knotless fir for the walls and ceiling is solidly beautiful, and softens the interior climate for stable, soothing heat.

This would be cool for a dining bench or outside seating - CJ

Vesta Stoves - British built contemporary wood burning stoves

That wood burning stove is attached to a door. I guess for both inside and outdoor fires. Vesta Stoves - Manufactured contemporary wood burning stoves, camping and garden stoves in the United Kingdom. Multifuel stoves in a huge range of colours