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My favorite doll book 5 Jenny - Diana Gil - Picasa Web Albums

Iplehouse Doll - such a beautiful costume.

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Les Petit Gem - such a cute little doll

Tatiana by doll artist Heloise, 2005

lot of clothes pattern

Master-class on making body for pupa-bolshenozhki - Fair Masters - handmade, handmade 3 of 6

:: Crafty :: Doll :: Clothes :: Morning Mist by Kikihalb ♧ Forest~Tales ♧

barbie doll clothes, Momoko mini dress, Barbie collectors gift, Knitting, fitting 11.5 in doll dress, gray pink blue, handmade dress

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Forum muñecas houses y miniatures :: View topic - Patrones dresses

zabaweczki diy na Stylowi.

The velvet cloak

Melina in her winter clothes, a Mannikin style, natural fiber art doll by Fig and me. Wearing victorian lace and Merino clothing.

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