Blair from Gossip Girl: The epitome of preppy, colorful, fearless fashion. Every girl wishes she could successfully wear what Blair does. Every girl should atleast.

Ryan Gosling

Is Ryan Gosling Daffy Duck?

I would take Ryan Gosling smoking a cigarette anyday. and I dont even think smoking is attractive.


Leighton Meester (and I love her sequins with polka-dot tights always have been my style)

Anne Hathaway

Last Night's Look: Love it or Leave it?

ANNE HATHAWAY love the new do.she has such a wonderful face shape and complection to that hair cut


Keira Knightley Photos - Keira Knightley at the offical photocall for the movie "Contagion", held as part of the annual Venice Film Festival. - Abbie Cornish at the 'Contagion' Photocall


Love her bangs! Also, her makeup along with the color scheme of the outfit. More that than the actual outfit itself.