Кузьмина Милена

Кузьмина Милена

Кузьмина Милена
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When it comes to flying... Just Lea

My new little children, Khamai and Io interacting. Io's tail feathers are longer than she is tall and for Khamai this look is the equivalent to pyjama d. Sirocco: Kha and Io

for feathers great and small

the-tabularium: “Garuda Anatomy Studies My tablet is offline for a few days whilst I get a new connecting cable for it, so I’m doing traditional studies. Today’s subject: redoing how and where the Garuda gent’s wings attach. Whilst it looks, from the.

Enquanto caía, abri minhas asas e lhe mirei uma flecha, do fundo do meu coração. Não era para te matar; era para te salvar.

Fly darling, fly so high that you touch the sky. Spread your broken wings, let them mend in the sunrays