there's not really a good reason, but i love this. also, when you zoom out and look at the whole set, it kind of looks like a suit.

The Ultimate Proper Fitting Suits Guide For Men

How A Man's Suit Should Fit - Visual Suit Fit Guide - Proper Fitting Suits Chart Men's Fashion

Łazienka, styl nowoczesny Łazienka - zdjęcie od Ale design Grzegorz Grzywacz

The Rotterdam Watershed pavilion designed by DoepelStrijkers for the World Cities Pop-Up Expo shows how Rotterdam is adapting to climate… .

Дизайн трехкомнатной квартиры на ул. М. Ульяновой в г. Москва в скандинавском стиле

Small bathrooms can have just as much character as large ones. The colour coded door handles are an especially cool touch here.

Фотография: в стиле , Кухня и столовая, Советы, маленькая кухня, Марина Лаптева – фото на

A sliding drawer fitted with pet food and water bowls allows you to hide them away when you have guests but also lets you control feeding. This can be a huge help if you have your pets on a strict diet.

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surface pattern design by Jessica Nielsen

helendardik_newpattern_285b.jpg 400×769 пикс

A little abstraction to distract me from the cold wet weather. Maybe it& distract you too a little:).

560afd0c50f80.jpeg 2 863×6 209 пикс

Our black & white wall mural "Dream Weaver".