Culture relics are the best manifestation of the corporate life. For centuries Multan has been the meeting place of many divers culture and civilization. As such people of south Punjab have developed their life step by step by the passing of date their re…

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The US and its unipolar allies such as India have a completely different conception for how the future should look, and are dead-set opposed to CPEC for the simple reason that it would undermine their hegemonic ambitions. Instead of joining the project and contributing to a win-win solution for all of Eurasia, Washington and New Delhi have decided to sabotage CPEC out of the pursuit of their own subjectively defined self-interests.

Trump's new Afghan strategy is actually a ploy against CPEC, claims Russian journalist - The Express Tribune

Top 10 Things You Should Know About China Pakistan Economic Corridor -

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor, more commonly known as CPEC. Here are a few interesting facts that would help you understand,