Fashion and the Internet have collided spectacularly in this series of awesome embroidered cat shirts by Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota.


Jacobian flower detail from Guilds Banner - Embroiderers' Guild ACT. This would be gorgeous on a pillow or hung on the wall in a spectacular frame.

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford published by Laurence King

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Pretty Lace Shawl pattern from Russia. Моя первая мини- шаль 'Крокус': Дневник группы 'ЗАО Шалунья' - Страна Мам


₩₩₩ Pretty lace border for a shawl, looks like it requires some severe blocking. The V symbol with a 2 over it seems to be a the U is a YO, the

Ажурная манишка: Дневник пользователя ЛюбашкаЗайка - Страна Мам


Ажурная манишка: Дневник пользователя ЛюбашкаЗайка - Страна Мам

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Кружевные салфетки спицами -3