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a large stained glass window inside of a church
St. Vincent Ferrer Church - Stained Glass
St. Vincent Ferrer Church - Stained Glass:
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a body of water with boats floating around it
residence_NN 410
Art, Ideas, Summer, Diy, Goddess, Witch, Witchy, Crystal Aesthetic, Soft
several jars filled with colorful liquid sitting on top of a wooden shelf
Sorcerer's Laboratory: A Mystical Realm for Dark Fantasy Art Enthusiasts 🧙‍♂️✨
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a man dressed in an elaborately designed suit and hat with gold trimmings
two different images with blue and gold stars in the sky, one is an abstract tree
#fashion #gameofthrones #styling #fashionista #elegant #medieval #fantasy Haute Couture, Costumes, Medieval Clothing Royal, Medieval Queen Dress, Elven Dress, Fantasy Dress, Medieval Outfit, Elven Clothing
Warden of the north
#fashion #gameofthrones #styling #fashionista #elegant #medieval #fantasy