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The feels ;(

When I first watched Fairy Tail, I hated Laxus so damn much, but even then, when I watched this part I was begging for Gramps to let him stay.then Fantasia happened and Laxus cried and I wanted to give him a hug and cry at the same time.

The weakness of a dragon slayer, no matter how powerful, how boss,  or how badass they are. Motion sickness

The dragon slayer's motion sickness Made me laugh so hard! But I wonder why Gageel didn't do this in previous episodes. I'm mean seriously I get Wendy not being motion sick, because she uses healing magic. So yeah, but it's still really funny

Fairy Tail GIF

Fairy Tail GIF - Her smiles can shine the brightest when she goes through most of the pain to stop them tears from falling~ I want to Natsu notices her smile and fall in love.

Natsu all fired up

well I cant just pick 1 of Natsu's so I love all of them! maybe the secret dragon art exploding lotus flame blossom or whater ever its called.

Fairy Tail Guild - Fairy Tail,Anime(gif)

That part on an episode, when one of Fairy tails member ( Lucy) got hurt really bad by one of Sabertooths member (Minerva) and Natsu, Gray, and Erza got really mad

Its ok natsu your precious light is here

I love this picture, the representation is just beautiful It also reminds me of Zeref and Mavis's relationship. There are definitely some parallels between Nalu and Zervis. It's going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds in later chapters.