Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine 2015 Contrast edge cardigan

* 30 Cool Classics to Knit now* The Great Sweater Swap boyfriend, girlfriend knits for everyone* The White House perfectly pristine pretty lace

Creative Knitting Spring 2017 - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写

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Vogue Knitting  Early Fall 2016 - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写 nr 61 ist cool

Vogue Knitting Magazine Early Fall 2016 Photos of each pattern included in this edition, along with yarn requirements, can be found here.

Verena №17 2016 Хит-парад  Зима - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写

Verena №17 2016 Хит-парад Зима - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写