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Идея: можно связать корзиночку для мелочей из нарезанных на веревочки джинс.
a ball of yarn next to a crocheted dishcloth and knitting needles on a white table
Домовенок-2. Февраль. Коврик спицами "Как бабушкин"
Домовенок-2. Февраль. Коврик спицами "Как бабушкин" - Школа рукоделия - Страна Мам
a colorful rug on the front porch with flowers
a pair of black boots with grey knitted socks on top and bottom, next to a mannequin's leg
a crocheted bag sitting on top of a wooden table
a crocheted dress hanging on a wall next to a door with shutters in the background
a women's brown dress with holes on the front and collared neckline
a crocheted bag hanging from a hook on a white wall with blue trim