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Barista Parlor: Espresso + Tonic Cool-Off Summer Drinks -

Want a creative spin on your coffee? Go to Barista Parlor in East

A crisp and refreshing play on the bitter and sweet flavors found in both espresso and tonic water, the Kaffe Tonic is simply a shot of espresso poured over a glass of Fever-Tree tonic and ice. It tastes like a refined take on the Fernet-Branca and soda you drink in the afternoon in Buenos Aires. Inspired by a similar drink at Koppi, a microroaster in Helsingborg, Sweden, the name is a homage to its origin.

coffee and tonic - ‘Kaffe Tonic’ is the name of the coffee and tonic water drink that’s prepared by Saint Frank in San Francisco. This refreshing co.

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The main idea is rainy and misty London. Cocktail rain falls into glasses. On the inside there's a contrast between cold and rainy London weather and warm and cozy People's bar.