Nothing left to chance: She also organizes her chores and fitness goals on a bulletin board, checking things off with stickers

Favorite spot: Alejandra loves her linen closet, where she has medicine and sunscreen neat.

Attach metal inside medicine chest door use magnets to attach small easy to reach items.

To coral shampoo bottles, hairbrushes, and other large toiletries (no hairdryers though, please), the curtain liner boasts several large pockets.

Put it away: Alejandra noted that bathrooms can have lots of clutter, so she keeps hair ac.

Recycling: She uses a towel rack to hang scarves on one end of her closet

7526198.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 700 × 594 пикселов) - Масштабированное (96%)

7526198.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 700 × 594 пикселов) - Масштабированное (96%)

She also has separate compartments for mail so she doesn't forget about anything

All visible: Crafting supplies are stored in clear containers, with some items hanging from a peg board

So clean: Alejandra's home office also serves as her personal craft room.