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Mane 6 as Alicorns

Cartoon My Little Pony Rectangle Pillow Cases Custom Pillowcase Standard Size Design Cotton Pillow Case (one side) Friendship is Magic Children/kids Favorite

apple bloom is best pony | Applebloom Heart Pony by ~pyrestriker on deviantART

Heart ponies were first concepted by Applebloom Heart Pony

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle (Alicorn) Vector made in Adobe Illustrator, version 2 improvements include: Smoothing on horn, better wing shape, added more show accurate mane lines, eye shines corrected

May Festival Pony - Applejack by on @deviantART

I loved to do her sooooo much These May Festival Ponies will be so much fun! The flowers were yellow but then I changed them, she looks so regal with white accessories. My first idea was bridal pon.

May Festival Pony - Fluttershy by on @deviantART

Finally another May Festival pony (in September XD yeah I know) Whatever, Fluttershy is such a perfect May Flower, seriously this style is so her. May Festival Pony - Fluttershy