20 мистических мостов, которые ведут в другие миры / Архитектура / Архимир

asylum-art: “ Enchanting European Landscapes Inspired by Brothers Grimm Folk Tales Photographed by Kilian Schönberger on Behance Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings is the second in a series of European.

Molengang Driemans polder 1672

Photo of Molengang Driemans polder 1672

Прикольные картинки. Дневной выпуск (60 фото)

15 colorful images that break our idea of the size and space. Forced perspective - this is the easiest way to create a visual illusion with the camera.


Underwater River This amazing phenomenon is located on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and is one of the most amazing sights to be seen. This natural beauty occurs when hydrogen sulfate mixes with saltwater, making the water heavier than normal and .

Мост Ракотцбрюке, Германия - Поиск в Google

A simple image focuspoint implementation based on the new object-position and object-fit css properties. This is just a proof of concept. For browser.

Byzantinischen und Jugendstil.

Photo of Byzantinischen und Jugendstil.


The World Heritage Kinderdijk windmills and bridge during a calm summer sunset.

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