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Haven't seen the show, but this made me laugh.

What is this from originally like Ive seen this so many times and don't know what it's from (I know that's Keith and lance i wanna know the context tho)

More and more ready for evil Shiro. And if it's not a clone this could totally be Allura/Hunk/Pidge

Even when he's an evil clone he's still sooo space dad.but like scary Disney villain space dad now.

Voltron / Miraculous Ladybug <-- XD

Voltron / Miraculous Ladybug <-- XD <<< Does that mean Lance likes Keith? And Keith likes Lance?

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) - Marco Bott x Jean Kirstein - JeanMarco

This is all I ever really want when I'm at the airport, to see Jean and Marco kissing . You thought I was gonna say I want someone waiting for me<<but honestly jean would be so frustrated because of course marco's plane would be half an hour late

Voltron legendary defenders takes a beach day

i need my beach babes chillin n taking lotssss of selfies also surfer lance please make it happen vld cast wheres the vld beach ep

Lance, plz put on a shirt, u might give Keith a nosebleed

Lance, plz put on a shirt, u might give Keith a nosebleed>>I would prefer it if Keith had a nose bleed when he was saying no