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an oil painting of a moose in the woods
Things of beauty I like to see
a moose standing in the middle of a dry grass field
Things of beauty I like to see
an animal with large horns standing on top of a field
Al Agnew
an oil painting of a bison grazing in the grass near a lake with trees around it
Wildlife Art | Ken Corbett Art
two moose drinking water from a pond surrounded by trees
Ken Zylla / Superior National Forest
an oil painting of a moose crossing a stream in the woods with other animals nearby
Northcott-Naturescapes-Moose Lake-Panel #P-110
Northcott 28” x 42” 100% cotton fabric, quality quilting weight Priced by the panel
a black and white drawing of a deer by a stream
Wild Majesty - Elk by the Mountain Stream Charcoal Art
Step into the untamed wilderness with 'Wild Majesty,' a captivating charcoal artwork that transports you to the heart of the mountains, where an elk stands resolute by a crystal-clear stream. This exquisite piece captures the essence of nature's grandeur, meticulously rendered in the dramatic and expressive medium of charcoal. Every stroke of the artist's hand breathes life into the rugged landscape, from the imposing mountains to the gentle flow of the stream. The elk, standing as a sentinel of
an oil painting of a bear and moose in the wild with mountains in the background
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KEN CARLSON THE SPOILS OF THE VICTOR oil on board 24 x 36 in (60.96h x 91.44w cm) $29,000 www.trailsidegalleries.com