$ Are you trying to help your students use strong vocabulary to describe feelings? This Feelings A-Z poster will help improve the quality of your student's responses whether they are discussing their own feelings, the feelings of characters in books they are reading, or feelings of characters in the stories they are writing. Posters can be hung on classroom walls, projected onto SMARTboard, displayed in writing centers, or used as individual word walls in students folders.

A-Z Feelings Posters in Color and Black and White

How are you feeling today? Awesome color/bw posters to print/share/post in the classroom. Great to use to have kids talk about their feelings or the feelings of a literacy character! A-Z Feelings Poster from Kathy Ryan at

Kitchen Verbs

Useful Cooking Verbs in English

Grammar Lessons

The Ultimate Visual Guide to English Prepositions Part Place & Direction

Commonly Confused Adjectives with Explanations. http://www.uniquelanguages.com  #ESL #English #LearnEnglish:

adjetivos que suelen confundirse

Rules are almost as good as grammar.

10 tips to improve your grammar (infographic)

Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 2 ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning 10 tips to improving your grammar

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English Grammar More More:

Recipes | Tipsögraphic | More recipes tips at http://www.tipsographic.com/

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Useful Cooking Verbs in English – [Infographic] - English for Pleasure ESL ELL

Fingers name en Inglés

names of fingers, ESL, vocabulary


Fruit and Vegetables in English

Educational infographic & data visualisation Vegetables - English Vocabulary List and Chart with Photos Infographic Description Vegetables in English - A c

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ESL body parts, names of body parts, ESL vocabulary, ESL teaching resources…



Forum | ________ English Grammar | Fluent LandHow to Write Formal Letter | Fluent Land

Forum ________ English Grammar Fluent LandHow to Write Formal Letter Fluent Land

This month, The English Student turns one! Thanks to over 4,000 of you who have supported my work! I've received so many wonderful emails from learners and teachers from all over the world who have...

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Don't assume your students know the parts of speech or basic sentence structure.

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Parts of the head-english voc

This is ver useful for teachers.

Informal Letter Poster

format of informal letter Informal Letter Poster