I started with this idea, mine turned out very differently, but I loved it!

Knitted Dress / Simple a pattern / The hands - a pattern, alteration clothes, interior decorating with their own hands - on Second Street

Топы :: Вязаные :: Встроенные Armwarmer опоясанный кожи Черепаха-вязать 83 - Мужская мода Одежда для привлекательного Гай Посмотрите

♂Stuff And Toys For BIG Boys♂ I'm sorry but how is this NOT inspired by Bucky's WS suit?

Шарф-колье (подборка) / Украшения и бижутерия / Модный сайт о стильной переделке одежды и интерьера

Scarf with Jewelry - Jewelry Scarf - Heart Pendant - necklace scarf Pendant Scarf NAVY

Мастер-класс: платье от Westwood / Простые выкройки / Модный сайт о стильной переделке одежды и интерьера

DIY Skewed Dress - FREE Sewing Pattern Tutorial - how to draft this ONE PIECE dress (okay, three pieces if you count the cuffs)

Russische Seite mit interessanten Ideen - verstehen muss man sie halt ;)

This would take a littel experimentation to figure out the dimensions but should be a fairly siimple DIY ::::Simple and clever. With a narrower top part, it makes a very cool little vest-like cardi.

Как сплести ремень (Duy) LL: This seems to be in Russian, and the photo guide doesn't show how to finish, but what a neat idea!

Tutorial for weaving a belt.make it out of paracord for a survival belt. You can never have enough paracord

Флисовый шарф

Could easily DIY. Get a long rectangle of fabric but just long enough to wrap around and cut a couple slits on the long side. Still looking for a good shawl pattern -