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two anime characters laying in bed with one holding the other's head and looking at each other
mery (@merylemons) on X
X Roy Fire Emblem, Robin, Fire Emblem Characters, Frederick Fire Emblem, Character, Morgan, Heroes
ヅヅ (@FEDUDU91) on X
some people are standing in the snow and one is holding an umbrella
beers in space
some anime characters are talking to each other with captioning below them that says, you expect you respect me
My dumbass: You expect me to respect me?
Anime Art, Character Design
two anime characters with blue hair and black clothes, one is looking at the camera
A meme that I had to use for art reference cuz google is trash
two comics with people laying in bed and one is holding a plate while the other looks at
two comics that show the same person in front of a computer
a group of people standing around each other in front of a building with an open door
a drawing of two people standing next to each other
Fire Emblem: if/Fates - F!Kamui x Marx
Manga Comics, Fire Emblem Fates Camilla, Bleach Art
three people are standing next to each other with their hands on their head and the words high def mage boys above them
Fire Emblem