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Prayer of the Heart-Used in the Orthodox Christian Hesychast tradition,Buddhism, Sufism-Zikr(Qalb), Taoism-middle Dan Tien and Yoga- Anahata & Hrit Chakra.X Dominic Jai :-)

Peresvet, Oslyabya, Divine Gloom by Paintings by Oleg Korolev (Олег Королёв) (Paintings by Oleg Korolev (Олег Королёв))

“Beautiful rhythms come when fear is gone and affection leaves. Perception is clear when the mind is calm, and becomes pure and virgin, when dualities are overcome. Consciousness returns to i…

Throne of Ivan the Terrible. Best of Russia --- Royal Regalia

All about life in a medieval Castle. Living in castles, chateaux forts, stately homes, manor houses and great country houses

Throne of Napoleon I, France (1804; gilded wood, gold thread).

"Throne of Napoleon I, France gilded wood, gold thread)." - My "Pinpal," Mi Smith, just sent me this. I wrote back to her: "Thanks. I'll just tell myself this is 'my' throne since it has my first initial. Napoleon will never know.