Gorgeous Cover Designs for Japanese Manga

Iwant to see the creature kick the child into the lake. Gorgeous Cover Designs for Japanese Manga

glitter nail art idea

60+ Best Inspirational Ideas For Christmas 2017

glitter nail art idea

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(s) Although he is beastlike in his second form, I'd want my villain's design to be almost comically dapper in his first form, portraying his pride.

гардеробчик для куклы

A cute little smocky dress in grey stripes, with gently puffed sleeves and a vintage lace apron, worn over a delicate lace petticoat.

Мои закладки

I think this black pink This was so much fun to color and sketch omg the skirts SURE were challenging but it was really fun ALSO Jennie's outfit is all I want in life tbh~ hope you guys like it


Its a bit like an overdress for spring. In a lovely green fro spring.