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Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor | Viviendas Paradiset | Estocolmo, Suecia | 2013

A mini-Manhattan on Kungsholmen Kjellander + Sjöberg creates a new residential infill on Western Kungsholmen in central Stockholm. Etaget, in the ‘Paradiset block, is a distinctive addition with a strong urban identity.

Tehran apartment block by Keivani Architects features faceted window frames and stained glass.

Faceted window frames project fromthe slatted timber and stained-glass facade of this apartment block in Tehran designed by Iranian studio Keivani Architects to reduce sunlight and heat and repel insects in the hot climate. Photo: by hypebeast

“Even when the Kirio system is not connected to the router, it’s constantly downloading information about energy usage.” —Tiffany Bowie, architect

José MandojanaIn Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, architect Tiffany Bowie built an efficient house for her father, Dave, a retired engineer. A prototype system by Kirio monitors the home’s energy use.

La Miniatura Фрэнка Ллойда Райта в Калифорнии

"Miniature" House by Frank Lloyd Wright . Each work of art - a portrait of its creator. That Vladimir Paperny found features of the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright, one of his masterpieces - La Miniatura house in California.