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Анна Маркина
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Stepping Stones on the Diagonal. Unique idea for Walkways or Patio Areas. RCP carries a wide variety of Stepping Stones that you can use for your Hardscape Project.

cork trees

Wine Cork Christmas Trees - Use New Year's Eve champagne cork as base and build tree through-out year using corks saved from special occasion wine bottles. Label the year and hang on the tree.

Landscape Focused: landscape, garden design, green

The Schwetzingen palace gardens. Images by Barbara from Gardening in Mannheim. s i m i l a r: Enclosed Gardens / Parks in Sweden / The Grove, the private garden of David Nightingale Hicks

I could see that as a low seating area that people could gather on, not traditional but could be fun. Plus the craftsmanship is amazing.

BEAM COFFEE TABLE - Designer Lounge tables from Van Rossum ✓ all information ✓ high-resolution images ✓ CADs ✓ catalogues ✓ contact information.

Make sure your composting this fall:) Compost barrels speed things up!

had rollers hink that I will make my door a bit larger than this .just to make it easier .and do not add meat, diseased plant materials , plants sprayed with herbicides or seed heads it may not get hot enough to kill diseases and seeds