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Gaara and Shikadai I LOVE GAARA > < ♡

Gaara and Shikadai. I don't know who Shikadai is, he looks like Shikamaru, but this picture is adorable ^-^ >>>>> lol sorry to kinda spoil this for u but that's Shikamaru's son. 😜 notice how he looks exactly like Shikamaru and then has his mom's eyes.

Naruto - Haha poor Gaara...

Gaara and his family, his father Rasa, his mother Karura and his siblings Temari and Kankuro


Gaara is so cool! He's the kazekage, he has died before, and he completely changed from part Who is your Favorite Jinchuuriki?


I think Gaara is the best naruto character and the best friend ever. I don't understand why naruto loves sasuke more than gaara