Riva 1920 Eco Table #healschallenge

The Eco coffee table is a unique styled coffee table, Italian designed and made for Riva Eco is a beautiful piece of scented timber, that will add warmth to the home and character to any contract interior environment.


Diamante extension table Strong and durable due to the introduction of scratch-resistant glass and crystal ceramic, materials capable of withstanding the most extreme condition remaining at the same time stylish and functional.

ELEPHANT UPHOLSTERED - Fabric chair with armrests, design by Neuland Industriaedesign - See more at: http://www.tanusha.msk.ru/2014/05/new-2014-collection-by-kristalia-tables.html#sthash.o0UYnBGi.dpuf

This is a wooden leg chair that is understated but classy, modern but classic, it is the chair that fits in with all modern tastes and decors and can fit in any room, whether it be bedroom or living room, kitchen or conservatory.